A little birdie chirped in my ear

There is someone with you here

He has been trying to make you hear

That he has been here for more than a year.

The little birdie whispered

He is not so good I heard

He had liked it when you shattered

And had feasted every wail you uttered.

My little birdie warned

He is but unarmed

But i know you would be harmed

His invisibility can get you alarmed.

Lovely little birdie cried

To my best I have tried

But now I have to leave your side

To be from being a birdie that died.

Birdie dear birdie, don’t go away

Where is he now, say

For my life, please stay

Away from this unseen presence, show me a way.

Little birdie, little birdie, now I am alone

In this darkness with me is only a man now bone

To myself, I am now left to moan

As I swallow the depth of the darkness that had grown.

Sweet birdie, lovely birdie, you have been a good friend

To be with me till the very end

While now you get busy with a different errand

With the blackness I blend.



4 thoughts on “BIRDIE

  1. well its very nice i used to to this relation of words(ear and here, friend and end etc) when i was writing…..its nice to read however you can think of the theme more if you leave the line pattern or the relation of words. you can have a nice poem with this too..keep writing…its pleasure!

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