I looked down at the wet bathroom floor

And staring back at me was my own reflection.

I looked around at the tiles on the bathroom walls

And staring back at me were my own reflections.

Sure I was that I heard that sound

Someone knocking on a door

And that definitely came from the place

Where I now stood alone.

My roommate with her friends

Had gone out to party.

Glad was she to leave me back

β€˜Coz she knew me to be crazy.

Alone I stood, knowing myself to be alone,

But still with a doubt that rang in my ears

β€œWho… oh who was it that had called me,

Until I had the door opened?!”

No one answered

No one present

I alone stared back at my reflection

With the one doubt that lingered

Which I ignored to relieve tension.

And then I decided,

My brain played tricks

To remind me of me,

And thus deciding, I decided yet

That I must leave.

Just as I turned my back to the walls,

Closing the door behind me as I left,

The knocks and the call resumed,

Thus making hair stand on the back of my neck.

A tiny voice shrieked inside my head,

Do not approach the voice,

But a different voice in the same little brain

Urged me to step behind.

I walked upto the bathroom door,

And this time the knocking continued

Until I clicked the door open

Letting myself into the bathroom.

I investigated carefully,

My eyes noting every inch of the view,

To check if there was anything I missed,

Anything that I might have overlooked.

Disappointed as I was

And distressed of the absence

I turned my back again,

And to my relief I heard it again

Soft and slow like a whisper.

I turned around facing

Hoping to see a person

But was greeted by the familiar face

The mirror showing my reflection.

The door closed behind me

Trapping me in the tiled room

Where every screen now reflected

The face in the mirror’s view.

Water flooded the floor

So that it resembled a giant mirror

With the only difference that freaked me out

My shocked face shown grinning.

No wonder I wanted to wait

To see what was happening

As my reflection on the floor grew still

Assuming its role of the play.

And slowly as I watched

A figure rose from the ground

Another me, my twin

From the depths of the mirror world.

β€œHi!”  she greeted me

To which I replied with a mere smile

With empty thoughts running through my mind

Of which I could decipher none.

Moments passed and then she grinned

An unfamiliar grin on a familiar face

And before the clock moved a bit

I knew what lay in her intent.

My muscles were slower than my brain

The impulse too late to reach

As my other self pushed in a piercing object

Into my throbbing heart and within.

The shriek never left my lips

My hand just held the piercing knife

And horror never struck me till

I realized I was losing height.

She was still, and so was i

Her feet never left the ground, nor mine

Then why was it that all of a sudden

I was growing shorter with time?

I took a look down

And so my answer looked up at me

The wet floor was drinking me in

And I was going within.

Before I knew that I had to struggle

The other me walked away.

As I disappeared from the world of the living,

She replaced me in the world that was mine.



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