Clare spoke up in the frightening silence, “We have to leave this place as soon as possible. We have to run back to take our things, then we’ll leave this cursed place before anything else happens. MOVE NOW!” The four terrified friends ran for the place where they had left their things. Taking their things quickly, they darted towards the direction they knew would lead them out of the cursed place.

As they ran in top speed in the same direction, Jenny suddenly let out a scream and fell down. Kate turned to look what had happened, while Clare examined Jenny’s wound in her leg. It turned out that a twelve inch long, thin, sharp wooden nail had pierced itself right through Jenny’s leg.

Kate and Clare kneeled to face Jenny and help her out. “I thought we had brought a first aid box. Hand it over,” Clare said seriously, while still looking at the wound. “Sarah has it. Sarah, help us out,” Kate almost screamed. While the three friends waited for a moment for Sarah to give them the kit, Jenny looked up. She whimpered, “No…” Kate looked up, so did Clare. They followed Jenny’s gaze only to see the most horrifying scene ever. Sarah’s whole body was pinned to a tree standing just behind them by about a thousand nails just like the one that had wounded Jenny.

Without thinking for another moment, Clare and Kate stood up and struggled to help Jenny in doing so. It wasn’t much hard, as Jenny herself put her best effort.

They tried to run fast, but it was quite difficult due to Jenny’s wound. The faster they tried to run, the more they sensed someone following them. Strangely though, they couldn’t see anyone. The forest was already very dark and to their dismay, their torches’ battery had run out. Determined to leave the place at any cost, they ran for their life. Clare was holding Jenny’s left hand, while Kate held Jenny’s right hand.

Suddenly, Clare heard a voice calling her from somewhere on her left. At the same time, Kate also heard a voice calling her from her right. So, both the girls stopped and turned their heads at the same time with the hope of finding some help. Jenny looked at her friends to know why they had stopped. She was about to ask them when she felt that she had heard a swooshing sound just in front of her. She tried to look into the darkness to know what it was.

“I think I heard something there,” Kate said pointing a finger at the place where she heard the voice. “Did you…,” Kate turned her head to face Clare and stopped abruptly. Clare turned towards Kate, to know why she had stopped in the middle of her question. She found her reason. They were holding the beheaded body of Jennifer Williams. In shock, the two girls let go of the body and glanced back to see the severed head. There was none.

Holding each other’s hands, they ran out of the place. The more they ran, the more they saw a dark, cloaked figure running with them just beside them; and the faster they ran to leave it behind, the faster it ran to join them. Nevertheless, they didn’t lose hope and kept running.

Soon they could see the roads. Both the survivors smiled at each other and ran there. To their horror, quite a distance before they could reach, a thick rope entangled Kate. She fell down. Clare reached out for Kate trying to release her when the rope started pulling Kate back into the forest. As Kate tried in vain to get hold of something to oppose the rope’s force, Clare desperately tried to catch her hand.

They soon found out where the rope was dragging Kate. The rope dragged the screaming Kate into an old, dry and deep well, which had branches coming out of its walls from the inside. Kate’s head banged onto the wall of the well as the rope dragged her into the darkness of the well, and as she fell, she bounced on the branches and her head banged along the inner walls of the old well. After many bangs on the head, Kate finally dropped on the bottom of the well. She could see Clare with half closed eyes trying to see her and calling her in the darkness from outside the well. “Clarissa…,” Katherine Mckimson gave a final effort to call Clare and breathed her last.

As Clare tried to see Kate, she heard her taking her name from the depths of the well. Believing that Kate was still alive, Clare shouted, “I’ll try to rescue you. Don’t lose hope,” and saying so, she tried in vain to find something that could help her out. Unfortunately, the place was too dark to find anything, and secondly Clare was already very tense, preventing her mind from working properly. Seeing that this was taking very much of the precious time, Clare shouted into the well to Kate, “Kate, I’ll send help once I find my way out. You… you just stay there for some more time and…and keep safe until I return. I’ll bring help for you.” She said it with a pleading tone and hoped that Kate could understand her helplessness.

With a heavy heart Clare left Kate in the darkness, who, she believed, was still alive, and ran towards the roads. Finally, to her utter relief, she came out. She found their jeep waiting for them outside the forest.

Clare thanked God and was about to seat herself on the driver’s seat when she heard Kate’s voice from behind her. She stopped. Rejoicing on the thought that Kate had come out of the well, she turned around, expecting to see her. Instead, she saw a dark figure coming towards her. Thinking it to be Kate, she waited for the figure to come into the moonlight.

When the dark figure came into view, Clare saw something she had least expected. As soon as she saw the face clearly, there was a sound like a breaking twig, and Clarissa Wood fell down on the forest’s ferny floor with a cracked neck.

A week later, morning time:

Clare’s brother, Phillip, was patrolling in his police jeep with another cop Sean. This was the second time Phil was patrolling this area after a police raid that occurred here. The psychic criminal who called himself ‘SANGUINAIRE’ had died in the raid.

The last time he had come, they had found the dead bodies of a family of five, murdered in a very horrifying manner. They had tried to search for the culprit, but had only found a board at the entrance of the forest. It had a message written in blood, that read-








Creepers blanketed the board; it was evident that the family had not noticed the warning. Thinking it to be some lame joke, the police still searched for the culprit. Instead, they lost two of their officers. Soon they realized that the spirit of ‘SANGUINAIRE’ had indeed haunted this place.

As Phil and Sean patrolled the place, Phil noticed a jeep standing near the forest entrance. It looked familiar, so he decided to see who it could be. Coming close to the jeep, he identified it as his Jenny’s jeep. While examining it, he noticed a rotting body fallen near it. Seeing it, he understood that the same murder had repeated again. Wishing not to see what he was expecting, he looked closely at the corpse’s face. His biggest nightmare had come true. His sister was lying dead on the floor.

Phil knew that she wouldn’t have come alone in this area. So he and Sean, accompanied by the now arrived other cops, started searching for the others. It wasn’t long before they found them. The police found Cherry’s rotting body quite a long way into the forest. On the way, they also found Sarah and Jenny, though they couldn’t find Jenny’s head. They found Kate by following the track made on the forest floor.

When the police confirmed that there were no victims left, they came out. Just before leaving the place, Phil suddenly remembered about the board and wondered how his sister and her friends had not seen it. He went back and searched for it. After about an hour of searching, he found it again covered in creepers. “The same story has repeated itself,” he said to himself. After cutting away the creepers with his penknife, he left the place. As he left, the creepers grew back, covering the board completely, as if they had never been cut.



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