Composed on: 2nd january, 2012, 10:45 pm


5 months, 6 days, 7 hours, 8 minutes,

 And dunno how many seconds had passed,

Since i had last seen her

Heard her voice ring in my ears,

Sensed her presence beside me,

And felt the essence of her touch on my skin…


5 months, 6 days, 7 hours, 8 minutes,

And dunno how many sconds had passed,

All felt like a long time back,

A long time since the time we had spent together.


There were no words, no last greetings,

No fights, no explanations,

Nothing to explain how we departed

In the unexplainable silences.


I remember the day, that unfortunate day

My happiness had known no bounds

She wanted to speak, and was serious

The only serious thing between us.


But she never came, never

I sat in the appointed place hours together

In the hope to see her smiling face

The one i could forget never.


And after that time flew by

I neither saw her nor heard of her

Deserted was the place where i knew her to be

And left deserted without a letter.


Years felt those 5 months

6 days, 7 hours, 8 minutes

 When i finally heard about her

Lost somewhere unexpected.


What’s her loss to mine

That i had experienced for such a long time

Unable to explain the discomfort that i felt

In the place which was unfamiliarly mine.


I finally reached where she lay

Among the lamenting faces

Those lamenting for physical  pains

While there were greater pains more severe.


She lay on the shallow pillow

Her sunken eyes searching hungrily

For the one face she had lost

For the one soul to rejoin her…


Her happiness shown on her pale face

As she saw me amongst the visitors

And her throat, though very feeble,

Uttered my name after a thousand years.


I touched her hand, held it in mine

After so many years of loneliness

And then i realised what was that

That i had briefly lost for such a long time.


My bed had felt uncomfortable

And why should it not be

Nothing was it in comparison to

Her lap that she so lovingly gave to me.


The music of the days, the melodies of the morning

Everything had felt harsh on my ears

And why should it not be,

It was nohing in comparison to her soothing voice.


The velvets were coarse

My curtains felt old

The cushions were a waste

They were nothing compared to her touch on my face.


We spoke, and spoke finally

In sounds that none could hear

The sound was known only to us

The sweet voice of love.


And then i got the answers to my questions

Her unspeakable silences

Her reluctant desertion

Her unexplained withdrawal.


I couldn’t say anything

The realization had turned me speechless

My loss was nothing

Nothing to her sacrifice.


I looked into her eyes

Her eyes that searched mine

Those eyes which had remained pale

Pale without the glow that gave them their sparkle.


And i felt nostalgic

I couldn’t bear to see her

Knowing her destined departure

That she had concealed within her.


I left that hand

The soft touch that i craved

Reluctant though i was

But firm in my decision.


She muttered and choked in her voice

Something that sounded like my name

But i didn’t turn back, i couldn’t

To face her once again.


And then i felt something leave me

I don’t know what it was

But it only gave me the courage to look back

To see only what i feared.


That pale hand had fallen

That choking voice had stopped

Those black blank waiting eyes

Had stopped where they stopped.


There were no explanations, no last greetings

Nothing to explain the departure

But only one realization to finally make me realize

That was a priceless thing that i lost…


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