One fine Sunday morning, Katherine woke up with a start and cried out, “How about going for a camp this time!”

The TWITCHES had been trying to plan the holidays since days, coming to no proper solution. Finally Katherine’s madly built mind gave a brilliant and meaningful (most surprisingly) idea.

Oh, but how forgetful I am. You don’t even know who the TWITCHES are. Well, it’s a gang of five girls- Katherine Mckimson, whom I introduced at first, Jennifer Williams, who is slightly sarcastic, Sarah Hawthorne, who is the most understanding of all, Cherry Macarde, who honestly hates Katherine’s mad talk sometimes; and Clarissa Wood, the modest of all.

Now, Katherine had given a wonderful suggestion, which, of course, surprised Sarah and Jennifer, who were present there. Sarah said, “But…where do we go? We don’t know any good place to camp.” Jennifer said, “Does it matter? We can go to any damn forest we want. Who’s gonna stop us?” “Only Cherry”, said Katherine. Cherry had just entered the scene with a sandwich in her hand. She sat on one of the beds and asked, “So any good plans?” Kate jumped up and said, “Yeah, I’ve just had a good idea.” Cherry smirked, “As if your ideas are any good to us. They always have a tint of your madness in them.” Sarah frowned and said, “Please Cherry, even she can have good ideas. And whatever she said, before you entered this room, was quite meaningful.” Cherry raised her eyebrows high, and asked, “So, what meaningful thing did she say before I entered?”

Jenny said, “She just said that we could go for a camp this time. And anyways, we haven’t ever gone for a camp, have we? I always wanted to go for one.” Cherry asked, “Any idea where?” Kate said, “We haven’t decided yet. Jenny says that we can decide on our way.”

Cherry thought for a while and said, “Well, then- there’s a condition. I’ll come only if you allow ONLY ME to decide which place to go.” “Here she goes again”, Jenny whispered to Kate.

Just then Clarissa entered the room. She was utterly surprised to find every one of the TWITCHES’ faces showing a frown on such a pleasant morning. She felt as if she was the only non-mourner in a poorly attended funeral. She asked, “What’s up guys? Why are you all so frustrated?”

“Nothing”, said Sarah, in an attempt to break the silence, “just that Kate had given a suggestion for the hols and-” “-and we have agreed that I will be selecting the place, haven’t we?” interrupted Cherry. Jenny sprung up, “But we didn’t say anything as such. How did you think that we’d agree to that condition?” “O, so you don’t want me to come, do you?” asked Cherry, and before Jenny could open her mouth to reply, Sarah replied, “Of course we want you to come. As for your condition, there is no need for asking. You are always welcome to take a decision.” “Thanks”, said Cherry.

Clarissa, trying to cease the flame now arising in Jenny’s short tempered mind, said, “So what’s the point in waiting. Let us start packing. And we’re leaving tomorrow, may what come.” Saying so, she stormed out of the room, saving herself from the tension of the situation.

By noon, they had prepared themselves for the following day. They went for a ride, to check whether there were any good places to camp. They had decided to complete their investigation before sunset.

Jenny was driving the car (only she knew driving). They were now in the middle of a deserted area. This place had no milestones at all. On the way, Cherry said, “Stop the car. I think we have reached our destination.” The other four followed her gaze. Yes, of course. The place was perfect for the TWITCHES to camp.

Sarah said, “Spooky isn’t it? For the first time in my life, I think I’d definitely like to agree with your decision.”

Jenny said, “Absolutely, and I feel that we’ll have a good time exploring the place. Won’t we?” She turned to the others .Kate said, “Cherry, you’re a darling. What a cool place you’ve chosen! I love you. Sorry for the every moment I hated you.” “It’s alright, no problem,” she said.

Kate turned to Clarissa. Clarissa didn’t look as if she liked the place very much. There was some kind of a dislike in her eyes. Kate noticed this. She asked, “What happened, Clare? You don’t look happy.” “I just don’t have a good feeling about this place. It has something strange about it. Look, not even a single bird is around. Don’t you feel it’s strange?” “It’s no strange stupid. What foolish thing would come out of its cozy bed on such a sultry afternoon?” said Cherry. Clarissa said in a serious tone, “Cherry, it is not natural for birds to not fret over a place like this. Animals know it beforehand when something bad is to come.” As Cherry struggled for a counter argument, Sarah tried to cease the burning fire by saying, “It’s time we should leave. The sun is about to set. Come on.” She signaled Jenny to leave the place as soon as possible. Jenny understood her and started the car. In a minute, they were out of the place. As soon as their car left the place, a dark shadow came on the spot where the car stood a minute ago. It gazed towards the vanishing car for a moment and then vanished in thin air with a scream that rent the evening air.Image


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